There are certain common issues that might arise with GitHub Actions and the migration from Intel to ARM (Apple Silicon) runners. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to solve them.

My workflow is stuck at Waiting for runner

In this case there are several things you can do:

  • Make sure you're using the correct runner label in your GitHub workflow runs-on setting. You can find the list of all FlyCI supported labels here
  • Check if the FlyCI GitHub app is installed by reviewing your GitHub application settings 🔗 and making sure the FlyCI-prod app is in the list of installed apps
  • Check if the FlyCI app has access to the repository where you try to use the FlyCI runners. Go to GitHub application settings 🔗, click Configure next to FlyCI-prod and check the Repository Access section. The repository you try to use the runners with should be added to the list of repositories or the option All repositories should be selected
  • If you have made any changes based on the previous two points, cancel the workflow that is stuck and start it again
  • Check if you have other running workflows since you might have reached the concurrency limit for your subscription plan. Review pricing for details

Migrating to ARM (Apple Silicon) runners makes my workflow fail

Check the detailed guide for migration from Intel to ARM (Apple Silicon) runners.


For any other issues you might experience, join our Discord server 🔗 and post your inquiry. Our community would love to help you.

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