Welcome to FlyCI 🚀

Welcome to FlyCI - faster and cheaper macOS runners for GitHub Actions with customer support included!

What does FlyCI offer?

FlyCI offers M2 runners for GitHub Actions. Compared to GitHub, where M2 runners are not available, you can get a faster runner for a better price. To address any concerns for uncontrollable spending, we also offer fixed-price dedicated runners. Review pricing for more details.

And last, but not least, our support team is here to address any issues you face with GitHub Actions. Review the support packages FlyCI offers.

Why choosing FlyCI?

There are multiple reasons to do it:

  • Unprecedented customer support for GitHub Actions provided by developers for developers
  • Flexible payment options for runners - pay-per-use or fixed-price runners
  • Run all your workflows on fast M2 runners at a lower price than GitHub