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Trust FlyCI Wingman to keep your workflows green.

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Unleash Productivity

  • Save Time

    Automatically fix CI builds, reducing debugging time
  • Focus on Building

    Shift focus from troubleshooting to innovating
  • Effortless Start

    It takes seconds to get started and fix your builds
  • Features

    What makes us different

  • AI-based fixes

    Get an immediate fix as a suggestion in your PR
  • Choose your LLM

    Plug-in with a model of your choice
  • Data Protection

    Workflows are executed on ephemeral, just-in-time runners
  • Security

    We use a secure cloud to ensure your code do not leak
  • Step-by-step

    How it works

    how it works diagram


    Start using FlyCI

    By changing one line in your GitHub workflow.

    -   runs-on: macos-14
    +   runs-on: flyci-macos-14-m2
        - name: Checkout repo
          uses: actions/checkout@v4

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