How do you manage to be faster and cheaper than GitHub?

  • We offer M2 runners which are not available in GitHub. During our testing 🔗, we found that M2 is approximately 20% faster per-core than M1.
  • We offer our faster runners at a lower price than GitHub's M1s.
  • We rely on good partnership with our hardware vendors, which have 10+ years of engineering excellence in hosting Macs.

How are my runs secure?

We run your builds in a fully isolated environment which is destroyed once your build completes.

Read more about the security measures we take.

Is FlyCI SOC2 compliant?

FlyCI is not yet SOC2 compliant, but we plan to start working on it. Please, email us at contact@flyci.net in case of interest.

Can I switch between Starter and Professional anytime?

Yes, you can switch anytime.

When switching from Starter to Professional, you'll be charged for the usage in your Starter plan plus the amount for the Professional subscription.

When switching from Professional to Starter, you continue using Professional till the end of your Professional subscription period. After that you are charged according to the Starter plan which is based on usage.

When do I pay for Professional subscription?

Since the Professional subscription plan is flat rate, you get an invoice the moment you start the subscription.

When do I pay for Starter plan?

Since the Starter plan is on pay-as-you-go basis, you get an invoice at the end of every month where the bill is calculated based on your usage.

When should I choose Starter plan?

You can choose Starter plan if you have a small team (up to 5 developers) or just want to try the service for several months. In all other cases, we suggest using Professional subscription.

Why should I choose Professional subscription?

There are many benefits of choosing the Professional subscription:

  • You pay flat rate and use unlimited time for builds during your subscription period.
  • You get FlyCI Professional Customer Support for GitHub Actions
  • You always have a runner at hand
  • No surprises in the bill ;)

What do I get with FlyCI Professional Customer Support for GitHub Actions?