Migrating from Intel Runners

Migrating from Intel runners in most cases involves just changing the type of the runner from macos-13 or macos-latest to any of the FlyCI runner labels.

There are specific situations though, where the workflow needs to be updated as well.

Build fails due to swiftlint errors

Since Mar 18 '24, FlyCI runners have SwiftLint installed by default. No additional steps are needed when migrating from GitHub Intel runners to FlyCI Apple Silicon runners.

If you still experience issues with SwiftLint and other runners, check the troubleshooting guide below.

Libraries are explicitly built for x86_64 architecture

If there are explicit requirements to build libraries for x86_64 architecture or to run tests against such, make sure these are updated accordingly to arm64. Here are some use cases:

  • If your code is compiled on x86_64 architecture just recompile it on arm64 and commit your changes

  • In any paths where you look for prebuilt libraries, make sure to change x86_64 in the path to arm64

Review these changes as an example of the abovementioned problems 🔗.

For any other issues you might experience, feel free to join Discord 🔗 and post your inquiry there. To leverage FlyCI Professional Support for GitHub Actions, review the additional customer support for GitHub Actions we offer.