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Unveiling the New FlyCI Website

Explore the new FlyCI - streamlined dashboards, richer documentation, and dynamic pricing tailored for your development needs.

The FlyCI website homepage with a headline "Boost Your GitHub Actions with FlyCI Mac Runners", claiming increased speed and cost efficiency. It features a graphic of a laptop displaying the FlyCI logo and binary code, in a purple and blue color scheme. Partner logos and navigation options are also visible.

We're excited to introduce a suite of updates and enhancements to our platform, designed to provide you with all of the resources you need. Our latest website revamp comes with a new dashboard, and better documentation.

Your New Command Center: Tailored for Individuals and Teams

The FlyCI admin panel is your streamlined hub where you can effortlessly monitor your FlyCI runners, optimized for both individual contributors and entire teams, all at your fingertips with your GitHub login.

An image showcasing the individual user dashboard on FlyCI.

The FlyCI dashboard provides you with several kew capabilities:

  • Individual users get a personalized dashboard, showcasing detailed metrics like job costs, durations, and resource usage. It's designed to empower you with data, helping refine your development practices for optimal efficiency.

  • For teams, the admin panel offers a view of all CI activities across the entire organization. Instantly see your team's resource utilization, job runs, spend, and more!

  • Seamless User Management is now available: adding or removing team members to your GitHub organization automatically updates their access to FlyCI, mirroring your organization's changes in real-time. Lear more about the account structure.

Empowering Your Development with Richer Documentation

Dive into our expanded documentation, now packed with starter guides, security protocols, infrastructure information, and customer support resources to keep your projects moving smoothly.

Refined Pricing Structure: Tailored to Your Needs

Our updated pricing model is designed to be as dynamic and flexible as your development projects, offering scalable solutions and special provisions for our enterprise users.

Additional Resources

Maximize your FlyCI experience with our curated guides and resources, designed to streamline your journey from start to finish:

  • Getting Started with FlyCI: Embark on your CI/CD journey with our comprehensive Getting Started Guide. Discover step-by-step instructions to set up, configure, and optimize your FlyCI pipelines, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your development projects.

  • Migrating From Intel Runners: Ready for an upgrade? Our detailed migration guide provides all the information you need to smoothly transition from Intel runners to our latest offerings, ensuring uninterrupted performance and enhanced efficiency.

  • Choosing the Right Runner: Select the perfect runner for your projects with our insightful guide. Compare different runners, understand their unique advantages, and make an informed decision that aligns with your specific CI/CD requirements.


Why choosing FlyCI & Wingman?

Better focus

Shift your attention to innovating in your product instead of troubleshooting failing builds.

Save time

Automatically fix CI builds, reducing debugging time. FlyCI Wingman is doing the fixes for you.

Faster builds

Get faster build times with our M2 runners. Up to 3x faster builds compared to Intel-based machines.