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Get early access to Xcode 15.4 with FlyCI

Unlock the full potential of the latest Xcode 15.4 RC with FlyCI. Experience enhanced productivity and Swift updates tailored for iOS and macOS developers.

The FlyCI logo along with Xcode and SwiftLint logos visualized on a Desktop Mac.

After conducting tens of customer interviews, we understand the critical need for developers to stay updated with the latest Xcode versions, which is why we provide access to the latest Xcode 15.4 RC less than 24 hours after it hits the App Store.

Xcode 15.4 is the first version that supports simulating web distribution while running or testing your app. Please checkout the full release notes 🔗 for more details.

Grab the opportunity of the free minutes FlyCI offers, and be the first to try the new Xcode 15.4 RC. We give 500min/month for public repositories and 200min on sign-up for private ones.

Why early access to the latest Xcode matters

Having access to the latest and greatest developer tools is crucial for developers. For iOS and macOS developers, accessing the latest Xcode version is a game-changer. Here's why:

  • Compatibility: Ensures your projects are compatible with the latest iOS features and hardware. You can catch regression early on.
  • Productivity: Improves your efficiency and speeds up the development process.
  • Updates: Incorporates the latest Swift language enhancements and bug fixes.

Despite the importance, regularly updating Xcode can be a challenge. It's both tedious and time-consuming. One of our interviewees said that ideally, they would like the latest Xcode available for them to use up to 48h after the release. But the team cannot afford doing updates more frequently than twice a month.

However, FlyCI simplifies this with timely updates, ensuring their users never fall behind.

FlyCI's commitment

Our commitment at FlyCI is to provide you with the most current tools as swiftly as possible. We update our offerings first thing each morning, including the latest visionOS updates and the newly released Xcode 15.4 RC.

With FlyCI runners, you can be sure the latest macOS and Xcode versions are available to you as soon as they are released. For further inquiries, don't hesitate to email us at or join the conversation on Discord 🔗.

Getting Started with FlyCI

Learn how to leverage the latest macOS and iOS development technologies with FlyCI. Visit our website to get started.

Say goodbye to failing CI builds with FlyCI Wingman

Don't forget to join the FlyCI Wingman beta - the AI-driven assistant that fixes your failing CI builds. And yes, support for Xcode and Swift projects is there as well.


Why choosing FlyCI & Wingman?

Better focus

Shift your attention to innovating in your product instead of troubleshooting failing builds.

Save time

Automatically fix CI builds, reducing debugging time. FlyCI Wingman is doing the fixes for you.

Faster builds

Get faster build times with our M2 runners. Up to 3x faster builds compared to Intel-based machines.