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Build for VisionOS with GitHub Actions and FlyCI

Test Apple Vision Pro apps for free

Build for VisionOS with GitHub Actions and FlyCI

As of February 2, 2024, Apple Vision Pro - the latest innovation from Apple, is available for order. The device allows users to navigate using their eyes, hands, and voice. It also provides an immersive experience for enjoying their favorite movies.

To keep up with spatial computing, FlyCI MacOS runners now support the building and testing of applications designed for visionOS - Apple's spatial operating system. To fully support your most challenging special computing software development needs, FlyCI offers powerful M1 and M2 ARM64 runners for GitHub Аctions.

When you need performance and speed at the lowest possible cost, FlyCI steps up to the challenge. Develop, build, and deploy experiences for spatial computing with FlyCI and visionOS!

Install FlyCI now and test your VisionOS app for free 🔗.


Why choosing FlyCI?

Faster builds

Get faster build times with our M2 runners. Up to 3x faster builds compared to Intel-based machines.

Customer support

Optimize the performance and the cost of your GitHub Actions workflows with FlyCI Professional Support.

Better pricing

Get better value for a cheaper price. Control your team's budget with our flat-rate subscription.