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Check Out FlyCI's Updated Pricing - Now Featuring Even More Affordable M2 Runners!

Updates to FlyCI’s pricing plans! Discover the shift to M2 runners, offering more power and lower pricing, and the phasing out of M1 runners. Tailored pricing plans for all developer needs.

Pricing tiers chart with options for Hobby, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise levels detailing monthly minutes, build capacities, rates, and GitHub Actions support.

Exciting updates from FlyCI! We've made a significant leap forward, transitioning exclusively to our advanced and more budget-friendly M2 runners. What's even better? We're slashing the prices for our M2 runners to what same prices we had for M1 runners! In line with these changes, we're retiring our M1 runners to fully embrace the superior capabilities of the M2 technology.

Furthermore, we're rolling out revamped pricing plans designed to cater to everyone—from individual developers to large-scale teams. Our updated pricing is straightforward, eliminating any complexity to ensure you spend less time worrying about costs and more time focusing on your projects. The new plans are crafted to provide you with enhanced flexibility, increased control over your resources, and greater value for your investment. So, whether you're nurturing a personal project or collaborating in a dynamic team environment, our refreshed offerings are specifically adjusted to meet your diverse needs.

Embracing M2: The Next Generation of Runners

As part of our commitment to offering the best CI/CD experience, we're transitioning to M2 runners. These runners provide enhanced performance and are designed to handle even the most demanding workflows, all while offering more competitive pricing than ever before. Choosing our M2 runners means not just accessing more powerful hardware but also enjoying significant savings and better support. They’re a perfect match for teams looking to scale their operations without compromising on speed or quality.

Comparison table of FlyCI's runner options, showing labels for different MacOS hardware with M2 chips, the number of vCPUs and RAM provided, and the pricing for both FlyCI and GitHub.

Phasing Out M1 Runners

To streamline our services and focus on the latest technology, we're deprecating the M1 runners. We encourage users to transition to the M2 runners to benefit from improved performance and cost-efficiency. Rest assured, we're here to support you through this transition, ensuring a seamless upgrade process. All of the M1 runner labels will now point to M2 runners and will seamlessly execute on the M2 runners.

Updated Pricing Structure

An image showcasing the pricing tiers for FlyCI: Hobby, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Hobby Plan: Empowering Open Source

  • Price: Absolutely FREE!
  • Who’s it for: Ideal for open-source contributors.
  • Perks: Enjoy 500 free minutes per month for public repositories, with one concurrent build and community support via Discord.

Starter Plan: Kickstart Your Projects

  • Price: $0.06/min depending on the runner.
  • Who’s it for: Teams of up to 5 developers.
  • Perks: Start with 500 free minutes for public repos and an additional one-time sign-up bonus of 200 minutes for private repos. Benefit from 5 concurrent builds and optional support packages.

Professional Plan: Scale Your Team’s Efficiency

  • Price: $119/month per dedicated M2 runner.
  • Who’s it for: Teams of up to 10 developers.
  • Perks: This plan is all about dedicated resources - get a dedicated M2 runner, professional support, and the reliability your team needs to excel.

Enterprise Plan: The Ultimate Solution

  • Price: Let’s talk!
  • Who’s it for: Organizations with 10+ developers.
  • Perks: Tailored to large teams, this plan offers unlimited expert support, 20+ concurrent builds, SSH access, and the flexibility to meet any demand.

The Benefits of FlyCI’s New Plans

Our updated offerings are not just about competitive pricing; they’re about delivering value that resonates with your development goals:

  • Flexibility and Scalability: From solo projects to enterprise-grade demands, our plans are designed to grow with you, ensuring that your CI/CD pipelines scale seamlessly.
  • Dedicated Support: We understand the criticality of support, which is why our Professional and Enterprise plans include prioritized, expert assistance, ensuring your CI/CD pipelines are always running smoothly.
  • Community and Connectivity: Engage with a vibrant community of developers on Discord, share insights, and find instant support from peers and our team.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Experience the enhanced capabilities of our M2 runners today. Sign up to transition to the M2 runners and elevate your CI/CD workflows with FlyCI's upgraded offerings. We’re excited to help you get started and make the most of our powerful new runners.

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Embrace innovation with FlyCI’s M2 runners – your future-proof solution for CI/CD excellence.

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Why choosing FlyCI?

Faster builds

Get faster build times with our M2 runners. Up to 3x faster builds compared to Intel-based machines.

Customer support

Optimize the performance and the cost of your GitHub Actions workflows with FlyCI Professional Support.

Better pricing

Get better value for a cheaper price. Control your team's budget with our flat-rate subscription.